Special Guest App

Founded by comedian Damon Wayans and entrepreneur Kristopher Jones, Special Guest App is the new way to find the entertainment you are looking for. This app makes it easier for people to find talented entertainment on demand. Whether you are looking for a band, comedian, musician, DJ, clowns, magicians, dancer, photographer, you will be able to find [...]

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iPhone SE And 9.7 Inch iPad Pro Expected To Go On Sale Next Week

Apple is holding a press event next Monday the 21st of March, the company will unveil two new devices, the 4 inch iPhone SE and the 9.7 inch iPad Pro. Apple is expected [...]

Apple Found To Infringe OpenTV Streaming Patents In Europe

A court in Germany has ruled that Apple has infringed on streaming patents from OpenTV, who are owned by Swiss company Kudelski. The case was filed against Apple by [...]

New AceDeceiver iOS Malware Can Infect Non Jailbroken iPhones

A new iOS malware called AceDeceiver has been discovered by Paloalto Networks and the iOS Malware can apparently infect non jailbroken iPhones. The new malware [...]

Justice Department Going After WhatsApp Over Encryption

Apple and the FBI are in the middle of a court case on encryption and now it looks like the next target for the Justice Department is popular messaging app [...]

Microsoft Says It Will Continue To Support Bitcoin At The Microsoft Store

Yesterday we heard that the Microsoft Store would stop supporting Bitcoin, the news came direct from Microsoft website, although the post has now been [...]

New Xbox One DVR Features Launching Soon?

It’s been no secret that Microsoft has been developing Xbox One DVR features to be released to the console at some date in the future after is was announced by Microsoft [...]

Google, Facebook And WhatsApp Intend To Increase Encryption

Apple and the FBI are in the middle of a court case relating to encryption, we heard yesterday that messaging app WhatsApp may be subject to a similar case in the [...]

LG Stylus 2 To Support Dab+

The LG Stylus 2 was made official at Mobile World Congress last month and now LG has announced that the handset will support Dab+. The LG Stylus 2 with Dab+ will be [...]

Deluxe CMOY Headphone Amplifier Unveiled By Lucid Labs

Anyone looking for a portable headphone amplifier to be able to get the most out of their hi-fi headphones, may be interested in a new pocket 9v Deluxe CMOY Headphone [...]

Latest Steam Beta Client Update Adds New Steam Controller Functions And Features

Valve has this week released a new update to its Steam Client Beta which brings with it a number of new tweaks, enhancements and features to its Steam Controller. One [...]