Political views and its place in business

The spread of news today has been faster than ever. Waiting for a day to be updated regarding recent events has been a thing of the past all thanks to the internet and more importantly, social media. Due to the rapid pace of news dissemination today, people have become more aware of current events. This awareness may be one of the reasons why the public has become more sensitive when politics come into play.

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More people have been involved in politics because of its accessibility. Whatever update there is in politics people can easily give their opinion through different forms of social media. If you take a look at articles posted on the internet today there are comment sections where people are able to express how they feel regarding the said topics. As an effect people have become more careful than ever because whatever is said in the media will always find its way to the internet to be viewed and shared by its users.

Due to the internet and social media being a good source of publicity a lot of entities have started to turn them into an advantage. Politicians, especially the younger ones, have now started to extend their publicity to social media in order to reach out to more people. Businesses have also expanded their operations online. Advertising has found its way online and has become bigger than ever due to the sheer number of people using social media. It has reached a point that even some businesses are employing people just to handle the social media side of their company.

A lot of people would agree that indeed the internet and social media has played a huge role in business today. However, this does not mean that its effects are always good. In fact, a lot of businesses have already gotten into trouble due to the negative publicity they received through the internet. Some businesses would be inclined to express a certain political standpoint that not everyone might agree with. An example of this would be a hotel chain in Japan which expressed their belief about the incidents that took place in Nanking in the past. APA group which is a developer and owner of hotels has decided to include books in the hotel guestrooms and which are also sold in the hotel that expresses certain views that occurred in World War II. Some of the things mentioned in the said book were that some of the events in Nanking did not take place.

Taking the situation of APA group into consideration, just because they have expressed views regarding events that took place in the past their business has now received complaints from China. A possible effect of this for their hotel business would be a decline in the number of visitors who have opposing political views compared to that expressed by the APA group.

Business relations might also be affected such as that of China and the US depending on whichever side the US chooses to support. Considering that US and Chinese business relations are already facing issues. Support for either side from the US could mean a lot to business relations of both countries.

To think that the decision of the APA group to include such literature in their hotels makes one think if it was the correct decision or if it was worth it to express through their hotels if it involves the risk of some of the consumers not agreeing with their political standpoint to the extent that they might not support that particular business. Sometimes it is best for a business to stay neutral when it comes to political views especially if the two are not related.

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