Anavar and its benefits – The Dosage

Oxandrolone or anavar comes with anabolic and androgenic properties. These effects are very similar to naturally produced testosterone. This endogenous testosterone is naturally produced in male testes and in small amounts by women ovaries as well.

Actually Anavar is legally stopped in US. But today it is available around the globe mainly for gaining weight after conditions like trauma, surgery, chronic health condition and long term illness. It not only does burn the stored fat but also promotes muscle mass without any water retention. Anavar can be taken both orally in the form of pill and tablets or through injections. Apart from this Anavar is also known to be available in the powder form.

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The first reason that any body builders prefer Dianabol is because it is affordable and safe as well. Though it is an anabolic steroid, it has no side effects of a steroid and is very effective in giving results. It works by converting the food that we intake into protein that is much needed for muscle build up. It gives you some serious gain in muscle of 2-4 pounds in the first 6 weeks of using it.

Anavar which was initially introduced for medical purpose also has the ability to alleviate bone pain which is caused due to osteoporosis.

Anavar is derived from DTH so it’s mostly androgenic. So taking a note on the above, it may look similar in functionality with other steroids but is apparently different from them.

Why is it preferred?

The dose of Anavar depends on your health condition and it is different for men and women. In men, the general doses is between 40-60mg per day and slowly increases it by 20mg per week and take it to a maximum of 100mg per day in week 5. Women can start with 5mg and can take it up to 10-20mg per day. Anavar has a short half-life of 8 hours and hence you should divide your dose into 2-4 doses to be taken throughout the day. This will help Anavar to be present in your bloodstream for the whole day. Yu may buy it from high-quality Ionavar vendors.

A bodybuilder should be aware of the side effects and its adverse reactions. But in medical journals and scientific websites one can get genuine reports on the usage and reactions of anavar. The use of this steroid can cause organ damage and have adverse reactions on the body’s system. Even though it has many side effects, for some bodybuilders who are using steroids for years it shows minimum reactions. Individuals body condition, dosage, period of dosage have an impact on the side effects that anavar can cause.

Since, it is being an anabolic androgenic steroid they work by increasing the core body temperature and thereby increasing the metabolic rate of the body. Apart from this, it also stimulates the beta 2 receptors causing the mitochondria of the cell to heat up. This causes an increase in the calories burned leading to effective weight loss.

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