5 Simple Ways to Show Your Love This Football Season

Football season is the time of year when even the most button-down, straight-tie sports fan gets to let it all hang out and act like a maniac in support of their favorite team. Face painting, roasting a whole pig out the back of your truck in a parking lot, everything is fair game when it comes to letting everyone know who you’re with this year. But sometimes it’s less about the big shows of support and more about the little things. Here are five of our favorite simple ways to show support for your team of choice:

Car Magnets

You can pick up a quality car magnet for Texas Tech for less than a case of beer. Easier to attach than a decal, simple to remove and toss in the trunk when the season’s over. Best of all, you can grab a magnet for the opposing team just in case you have to go incognito on the wrong side of the parking lot! Taking a defensive driving course will help to keep your insurance rates down; an undercover car magnet might just help you to avoid having to make a claim.

Put in The Extra Travel Time

There are reports of people flying in from other countries to support their team. You don’t have to go that far, but there’s no reason to only catch the away games. If you have time, make the trip to support your team when they’re out of town, go take in some training games. Just let them know that they have more than just fair-weather fans.

Show Up Early

When the team’s bus comes in and they can already see people out in the parking lot grilling, having some beers and hanging out, it really does help them to feel like they have passionate fans that they don’t want to disappoint.

Be Superstitious

Sometimes it’s all about the right frame of mind. Sometimes that means engaging in a little bit of superstition. If your team’s fans have a tradition of wearing the same jersey to every game, without ever washing it, play your part. Half the fun, perhaps more fun than a TX defensive driving comedy course, of being a sports fan is that this isn’t your taxes we’re talking about, this isn’t medical science. It’s a game, so there’s nothing wrong with indulging in illogical superstitions to show your support.

Donate When You Can

The NFL has money to burn. College teams might not. If your home state has always struggled to finance their team, five, ten bucks can help to get them to the game and keep them well equipped with the best gear and training facilities. You can see the effects of economic disparity in college football as the best-funded teams tend to claim more victories. If you’ve got a little bit of extra money, generous fans can help to make things right.

However, you support your team, whether you donate or tailgate or paint your whole body red, there’s something to be said for a passionate fan. It may be the player who carries the ball across the field, but it’s the fans who cheer him on, and it’s the fans who get bragging rights for the rest of the year. In any event, if you just want to sit back and quietly take in the game, then you might as well be following chess, or tennis. Football is all about showing your support as a fan.


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