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A short list of executives who made less money than Anthony Noto last year

Executives at Twitter make a lot of money. But it’s not just like they make a lot of money relative to you or me, or compared to lower-level [...]

Uber is now banned in Italy for unfair competition

While Uber is fighting Waymo at home, the American company is also having issues abroad. As Reuters reported, an Italian court has ordered Uber to stop all [...]

Protective Symbols, Charms, and Totems

Power is said to reside in meaning of ancient symbols and images. They have been used for the betterment of an individual since time immemorial. Even in [...]

Anabol- the authentic steroid for performance enhancing results

Introduction Among different muscle building supplements the market possess, steroids play a crucial role in enhancing muscle build up, strength , endurance [...]

Let’s meet in Pittsburgh on April 11

In preparation for Disrupt New York and our upcoming TC Sessions series on Robotics Matt Burns and I will be heading to Pittsburgh to talk to some [...]

Why do developers who could work anywhere flock to the world’s most expensive cities?

Politicians and economists lament that certain alpha regions — SF, LA, NYC, Boston, Toronto, London, Paris — attract all the best jobs while becoming [...]

ESA shows off sweet new renders of the Exomars 2020 rover

Late last year the European Space Agency doubled down on its Mars mission, dedicating half a billion euros to the next phase of its Exomars 2020 program — [...]

CubeFit TerraMat hides under your standing desk to give your feet a rest

Back before humans invented chairs we humans stood a lot. Now, almost 100 years later, we tend to sit. However, some people still stand. For those people there [...]

Include Office Hours partners with Intel Capital for Bay Area underrepresented founders

TechCrunch Include is partnering with Intel Capital for Include Office Hours on March 28th from 11:30am-12:30pm. Intel Capital managing directors Trina Van [...]

Tour and activities marketplace Zozi lays off 30% of staff

Zozi, a startup that describes itself as an OpenTable for tours and activities, and which raised $30 million from Richard Branson and others back in 2015, has [...]